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KCSUK -Kitchen Cabinet Spraying UK
  • Can I change my cabinet handles ?
    This is the number one question we get asked all the time. In short, yes you can. We can fit any handle you supply free of charge and can fill any pre-existing holes if needed. We have the tools and experience to make sure that your new handles look and fit perfectly.
  • What is your lead time ?
    We're currently booking 7-8 months in advance, so get in early to avoid disappointment. The whole process takes 5-6 days depending on size and surface of your kitchen.
  • Is the paint durable ?
    The paint we use is from Morrells Woodfinishes and is extremely durable. Morrells is one of the largest suppliers to the kitchen and cabinet manufacturers in the country. The paint is chip, scratch and stain resistant. It can be easily cleaned and will last for may years.
  • What colour and sheen can I have ?
    You can have any colour you like ! Our paint supplier can match any colour from any sample or colour chart. We always carry a selection of popular colour samples and are more than happy to help you out. The sheen levels available are 10% (eggshell) 30% (satin) 80% (gloss). We will always advise what sheen is best for your kitchen.
  • How much does all this cost ?
    Prices range from £800 - £2200, all depending on size and surface.
  • How long does the process take and will I be able to use my kitchen
    The whole process takes 5-6 days. Your kitchen will be left in working order at the end of every working day.
  • Do I need to empty my cupboards ?
    Yes and no. We would always advise the cupboards are empty as it make the whole process a lot easier for us. Some clients like to take the opportunity to clean inside but if not everything will be well protected in the masking process.
  • What's the process ?
    The doors are removed to our workshop to be prepped and painted which takes two days. Then we return the following day to prep the exterior cabinets, pliths, cornice etc. The following day we mask everything up that isn't getting sprayed and spray whats left. The final day is fitting doors and final touch-ups. Easy.... The whole process takes 5-6 days and we take care of everything.
  • Do you take the doors off to paint ?
    Yes we do, this is a must ! They get taken to our workshop to be prepped and painted.
  • How far do you opperate ?
    We're based in Spalding, South Lincolshire and are willing to travel up to 40-50 miles or 60 minutes drive. But please ask as we can in some cases travel further.
  • Do you supply and fit handles ?
    No I'm afraid we don't supply handles but the links below are a good place to start. But we can fit any handle you supply included in the price. Please click on links below: Plank Door Handle Company More Handles Screwfix FittingsCo
  • Do you supply and fit worktops and tiles ?
    I'm afraid we don't supply or fit worktops or tiles, it's just the painting for us. But these links are a good place to start. Please click on the links below: Worktop Express Topps Tiles
  • My kitchen cabinet doors are wrapped in plastic, can they be painted ?"
    Yes they can - We can paint any surface, be it solid wood, PVC, melamine, vinyl wrapped and wood veneer. We use the correct primer/undercoat with right preparation to guarantee success. In some cases the plastic can be safely removed and the MDF painted underneath.
  • What about all that over spray and mess ?
    We use airless spray equipment which is designed to greatly reduce overspray and put more product on the surface. Less over spray means less mess, simple. We also go to great lengths to protect your home in the masking process. We are proud of our reputation for being clean and tidy.
  • Will all that prep make a lot of dust.
    No we use dust free sanding equipment and we always clean up after ourselves after each stage.
  • Are you VAT registered ?
    We not VAT registered.
  • What payment methods do you accept ?
    All invoices can be paid by : BACs, all major credit/debit cards, cheque and cash. BACS is our prefered method of payment.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit ?
    Yes - A 15% deposit has to be paid on any quote over £500. (Please read terms and conditions on quote) A larger 20%-40% deposit may be required when the quote is over £2000-£3000.
  • Do you have any examples of previous work ?
    Yes we certainly do ! We have lots of photos on our Social media outlets, please click on the links below or visit our Gallery page. Facebook Twitter Instagram
  • I would like a quote, how does it work ?"
    Getting a quote is quick and easy. Just visit our Contact page and fill out the request form. We will reply back to your email requesting photos of your kitchen and will send you quote back at the first opportunity. We aim to get a quote back to you within 24hrs.
  • Do you supply and fit soft close hinges
    Yes, we certainly do and we only use the best by a compnay called Blum
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